Prevention Science Program Webinar - Speaker view
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Jose Sanchez. Research Technician with Arizona State University. I hope to learn more about the technicalities in the admissions process, as well as what current faculty are accepting students and the research interests
Paula Linden
Paula Linden - ESD112 Prevention Project Coordinator, Vancouver WA,
Michael Cleveland
HI everyone, I am Michael Cleveland and I am a Professor of Human Development at the Pullman campus.
Redmi 10C
I will like to learn about the phd program WSU
Patrick O’Neill
Hi everyone! My name is Patrick O'Neill and I am a 2nd year clinical psych MA student at Columbia University. I'm currently residing in NYC and I hope to learn more about the overall Prevention Science program before submitting my application
Fahimeh Badiei
My name is Fahimeh Badiei. I am a visiting scholar at Springfield college. I would like to join the PhD prevention science progrmam
Jennifer Duckworth
Hi all! This is Jennifer Duckworth, WSU faculty at the Pullman Campus. Happy to be here today!
Olivia Powell
Hello everyone, I am Olivia Powell. I am currently a lecturer at Central Washington University in the Child Development and Family Science program. Looking forward to learning more about Prevention Science at WSU!
Nicole Scalise
Hi everyone - I am Nicole Scalise, a faculty member at WSU on the Pullman campus. Great to see so many people here!
Taiwo Oladokun
Hello everyone- I am Taiwo Oladokun from Nigeria.I am a PhD applicant to the Prevention Science program.I hope to find helpful tips on the application process
Patricia Ng
Hi everyone! This is Patricia, current MA student and research assistant in Child and Family education at the Education University of Hong Kong. Looking forward to learn more about what this program offers!
Ayomiposi Aribasoye
Hello everyone! This is Ayomiposi from Nigeria.I am a prospective PhD applicant to the prevention science program.
Beenish Mehboob
Glad to hear from you Sara I also work for a non profit in Portland area. My focus is on evaluation and implementation of substance abuse program. I would like to connect with someone who is doing a part time PhD and how it works Thanks Sammy and Sara
Fahimeh Badiei
Beenish and Sara, I glad to see you in this webinar, I am also live in Portland at this moment. I am working on my project remotly
Beenish Mehboob
Great Fahimeh yeah I also work for substance abuse, suicidal /risk behavior / COVID 19 ER SAMSHA. Nice to know participants and connecting with them thank you
Sara Spiers
Yes! A nice Vancouver/Portland connection!
Fahimeh Badiei
My project focused on Sport Psychology and Pain Perception, Kinsephobia, other cognitive factores on injured athletes. Nice to meet you. Thanks.
Redmi 10C
Nice to hear from Dr Jennifer and Dr Brittney. I have experience on vaccines hesitancy, risk factor on alcohol consumption and tobacco use because I work with state and rural communities. Recently, I have interest on health policy and development. I will like to connect you. Thanks
Olivia Powell
I have a couple of questions about location:1. Are the core curriculum courses taught online so students at all the campuses can attend? Or are the courses offered in-person at the different campuses?2. Can you apply to multiple campuses if you are interested in faculty at different locations?
Redmi 10C
Thanks Sammy for the presentation
Fahimeh Badiei
Thanks a lot Sammy for your helpful presentation.
Paula Linden
Is there a specific requirement on how much time we have to complete all aspects of the program (as a someone would need to participate in program part-time)?
Redmi 10C
I will like to ask I have BSc in Public Health and currently doing MPH but my transcript is not ready yet. Can I apply for the program without masters cert.
Redmi 10C
For the funding, is there a separate application for it or once you apply for the program you will be automatically be qualify for the scholarship
Fahimeh Badiei
I have a question, could we submit some ducument later
Taiwo Oladokun
I will like to ask, When should we expect a feedback on our application?
Taiwo Oladokun
Also, is there a high chance of admission for applicants transitioning from Bsc to PhD?
Brittany Cooper
You can read more about the Master's thesis transfer process in our Graduate Handbook.
Daniel Sanchez
Thank you, Dr. Cooper.
Sara Spiers
https://hd.wsu.edu/preventionscience/ - handbook can be found here
Paula Linden
I have to jump off - thank you for the information!
Olivia Powell
I also have to sign off. Thank you for the information and your time!
Beenish Mehboob
I am also leaving for the office meeting thank you everyone and Sammy. Have a great day everyone
Taiwo Oladokun
Bachelors of science
Redmi 10C
Yes. Thank you very much
Daniel Sanchez
does funding cover the Master’s?
Redmi 10C
Thank you so much.
Lori Eiland (she/her/hers)
Thank you!
Fahimeh Badiei
Thank you everyone and Sammy fo your time and information. Have a great day.
Abby Barnes
Thank you!