AVC-2022-Spr-CROP_SCI-510-PULLM-1-01-04848 - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 2/2
Maren Friesen [she/her]
It would be great if the DEI cmte represented the diversity of the department, it seems a bit gender biased. Is there a longer term plan for cmte membership?
Nickolas Frisbee
I would be interested in a more detailed survey. I felt like I was not able to answer the questions 100% correctly due to me starting in spring of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. I have not really been exposed to the community of CSS or had many interactions with people outside of my advisors and technicians.
Rae Olsson (they/them)
Maren- as the chair of the Entomology DEI committee, we’ve had a lot of trouble recruiting members to our committee.
Holly Henning
Is there another way we might solicit suggestions other than a survey? The committee can look at best practices, but perhaps having more two-way dialogue would be helpful.
Savannah Phipps
Could a virtual anonymous suggestion/comment box be created that could be accessed by CSS individuals as needed? I know a website has been suggested so maybe it could be incorporated into that?
Holly Henning
Trymaine Gaither has a great mindfulness learning community that is focused on DEI issues and identifying areas of discomfort.
Kim Garland Campbell
We had a graduate and postdoc mentoring committee that was meeting regularly. Do we need to reactivate this committee and should it be separate from the DEI committee? Some of the issues overlap and some don’t.
Maren Friesen [she/her]
I always include a DEI question when I'm hiring within my program, but it's not required by HR
Evan Craine
I have to leave for our lab meeting. Thank you to those who constructed the survey and to those who shared their perspectives. I appreciate having seminar time dedicated to this conversation.
Michael Pumphrey
Thanks Tarah!
Kim Garland Campbell
Thanks Tarah!